Duben 2024

Drake & Farrell joins Circular Computing event RE: Sustainable IT Summit

Drake & Farrell will join the Circular Computing event  RE: Sustainable IT Summit. It’s our mission to support companies

Srpen 2023

Drake & Farrell achieves ISO 14001:2015 certification

We are proud to announce that we achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification last week. Sustainability is central to both our customers and

Prosinec 2022

Solar panel installation as new step towards reaching sustainability goals

We can proudly announce that the solar panel installation on our premises in Bleiswijk was recently finished by KiesZon. 4300 solar

Listopad 2022

Drake & Farrell has diversity and inclusion at heart

Earlier this month, Werkbedrijf De Binnenbaan and Drake & Farrell signed to extend their cooperation for at least two years.

Listopad 2022

Drake & Farrell becomes EVBox’s new logistics partner to increase the circularity of its EV charging stations and overall value chain

EVBox Partners with Drake & Farrell to Boost the Circularity of its Value Chain   Drake & Farrell becomes EVBox’

Září 2022

Drake & Farrell proud to be part of NWO initiative to reduce e-waste

The waste stream of electronic devices threatens to almost triple in the coming decades. A broad consortium is working on

Září 2022

Drake & Farrell obtained WEEELABEX certification

We are proud to announce that Drake & Farrell is officially registered as a certified WEEELABEX operator. WEEELABEX is an

Říjen 2021

Drake & Farrell and Eneco eMobility launch partnership to continue meeting growing demand for charge points

As an experienced logistics provider, Drake & Farrell helps Eneco eMobility with the storage of charge points and advice on

Červen 2021

Inclusive entrepreneurship at Drake & Farrell

Last week David Engel, Berry Selhorst and Birgitta van Santen joined the digital meeting on inclusive entrepreneurship. This meeting was

Duben 2021

Drake & Farrell obtains energy label A+++

On 14 April an inspection took place to obtain an energy label for the Drake & Farrell premises, in cooperation with

Únor 2021

Drake & Farrell’s Hero Tina named employee of the month for January

During the first employee of the month award ceremony, an initiative we started this year, Tina was named employee of

Říjen 2020

Drake & Farrell in RTLZ broadcast Nederland Maakt Het

Last Saturday, October 10, Drake & Farrell could be seen at Dutch TV channel RTLZ in the programme Nederland Maakt Het.

Říjen 2020

Drake & Farrell wins LEF-prize 2020 for Entrepreneurial Organisations

Drake & Farrell won the LEF Prize 2020 in the category Entrepreneurial Organisations on September 29. CEO David Engel proudly accepted the

Květen 2020

Drake & Farrell renews ISO 9001:2015 certification

Last week, classification company Lloyd’s Register Group renewed the certification of Drake & Farrell’s integrated quality management system.

Duben 2020

Support your locals

In this bizarre time, we are very happy with the dedication and flexibility of our employees. To thank them, we

Březen 2020

Drake & Farrell nominated for LEF-prize

We are proud to state that De Maatschappij Departement Rotterdam has announced that we have been nominated for the LEF-prize

Únor 2020

Drake & Farrell interview in ChannelConnect

Drake & Farrell is primarily focused on creating solutions related to the return process, circular solutions and specialized forward logistics.

Leden 2020

Pilot with D&F engineer app

At Drake & Farrell we recently started a live pilot of a field engineer app that we designed ourselves, where 50

Leden 2020

New Year’s breakfast at Drake & Farrell

At Drake & Farrell we started yesterday morning with a New Year’s breakfast to toast on a wonderful 2020 together.

Prosinec 2019

New CEO – Jan Flens is handing the baton to David Engel

After 13 years leading Drake & Farrell, Jan Flens will step down as CEO and henceforth serve as Chairman of the

Prosinec 2019

Team Drake & Farrell wishes you a Happy Holidays

We had a nice Christmas party with Drake & Farrell colleagues yesterday evening at Hudson Zoetermeer, to look back on

Listopad 2019

Service Logistics Summit 2019

During the Service Logistics Summit in Venlo last Thursday, Jan Flens spoke with chairman of the day Harm Edens about

Listopad 2019

Update construction new location

An update about the construction of our new location! The builders are currently working on the foundation of our new

Říjen 2019

Successful meeting at Dutch Design Week

Jan Flens, Steven J. Jansen, Arie Cupedo and Thijs Bender gave a presentation about value chain partnerships and circular ambitions

Říjen 2019

Drake & Farrell main sponsor of Service Logistics Summit

On November 14 the 23rd edition of the Service Logistics Summit will be held at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. The

Říjen 2019

Prevention staff at Drake & Farrell

Last week four employees attended a course to become a prevention officer. Prevention staff supports the organization in taking care

Říjen 2019

NFC business cards

Drake & Farrell will use NFC business cards from now on. On these cards ‚near field communication‘ technology can be

Říjen 2019

Festive act at first pile of new construction for Drake & Farrell

During a festive gathering today, Jan Flens and his father laid the first pile for the development of our new

Říjen 2019

Practice evening for in-house emergency responders

Drake & Farrell considers safety very important. Drake & Farrell’s in-house emergency responders take a course every year to

Září 2019

Switch to BIO-based stretch wrap film

From September 1th, Drake & Farrell has switched from regular transparent stretch wrap film to BIO-based stretch wrap film for

Leden 2018

Circular economy featured in “Doing business as we do”

On January 14, 2018, Drake & Farrell was featured in the TV program „Doing Business We Do“. The reuse of KPN set-top

Říjen 2017

Drake & Farrell working with KPN towards a circular economy!

For many years now Drake & Farrell have been analysing, repairing and refurbishing network and customer devices for KPN. However,